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GrimRacer Accessories

GrimRacer Boat Fuel
SV-27 in action
AquaCraft GrimRacer Boat FuelRace Pit

A premium racing blend at an affordable sport price!

Highest-quality ingredients and advanced blending techniques give you the edge in top level competition. Consistent performance from bottle to bottle means less time tuning and more time in the heat of the race! But, you don't have to be a racer to appreciate the advantages of GrimRacer boat fuel as it works equally well for sport boats!

  • Will not "stain" painted or clear-coated hulls
  • Consistent needle settings from bottle to bottle
  • Oil package has been formulated and extensively race tested for nitro-powered marine engines
  • No additives or castor are used, making the oil package 100% synthetic
  • Low viscosity oil is added to the fuel blend at a ratio of 23%

Available in 30% and 50% blends in quart and gallon bottles

Stock Number
AQUP2230 30% Quart
AQUP2250 50% Quart
AQUP2530 30% Gallon
AQUP2550 50% Gallon

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