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GrimRacer Accessories


AquaCraft GrimRacer High-Performance Metal Propellers Precision cast from Copper-Beryllium-Titanium!

SV-27 in action The best upgrade for every boat!

Give your boat a new burst of speed...it's as simple as bolting on a high-quality GrimRacer metal prop! Racer-designed, USA-made GrimRacer Copper-Beryllium-Titanium props are now available almost everywhere R/C marine products are sold — making it easier than ever to get the metal prop advantage.

  • The most accurately cast metal propellers available.
  • Ultra-clean casting and true center-bore hubs mean that each prop is near its balance point — right out of the package.
  • Material won't crack or shear like plastic — remains sharper longer, with less dulling and chipping, and is safer too!
  • Can be fine-tuned with less effort than stainless steel, while holding shape better for balancing, sharpening, and changing pitch.
ID lettering cast on hub Prop mounted on boat Protective Parts Pack
Flex-resistant but not brittle, these lightweight metal props feature raised lettering on the hub for easy size identification. GrimRacer High-Performance Metal Prop technology gives an even greater competitive edge to high-performance boats such as the AquaCraft SuperVee 27 and Miss Vegas hydro. Each prop comes in a reusable plastic parts box to protect it from performance-robbing pit box damage.

Sharpening & Balancing Guide Printer Friendly Version

GrimRacer High-Performance Metal Props   Click here for a printer friendly version

Stock Number
AQUB9700 36 x 55 2-Blade 36 mm 55 mm 1/8 in
AQUB9755 L38 x 55 Lifter 2-Blade High Lift 38 mm 55 mm 3/16 in
AQUB9758 L38 x 63 Lifter 2-Blade High Lift 38 mm 63 mm 3/16 in
AQUB9720 40 x 52 3-Blade 3-Blade 40 mm 52 mm 3/16  in
AQUB9715 40 x 53 2-Blade 40 mm 53 mm 3/16 in
AQUB9725 42 x 55 2-Blade 42 mm 55 mm 3/16 in
AQUB9760 L40 x 57 3-Blade 40 mm 57 mm 3/16 in
AQUB9763 L42 x 66 Lifter 2-Blade High Lift 42 mm 66 mm 3/16 in
AQUB9765 L44 x 66 Lifter 2-Blade High Lift 44 mm 66 mm 3/16 in
AQUB9768 L45 x 68 Lifter 2-Blade High Lift 45 mm 68 mm 3/16 in
AQUB9785 65 x 100 2-Blade 65 mm 100 mm 1/4 in
AQUB9787 67 x 105 3-Blade 67 mm 105 mm 1/4 in

Prop to Boat Applications   Click here for a printer friendly version

AquaCraft #
Octura Equivalent
Prather Equivalent
Rio 51 65x100 AQUB9785   265
  67x105/3 AQUB9787   270/275
Miss Vegas 36x55 AQUB9700 Y535 NA
  40x53 AQUB9715 440 215
Top Speed 2 40x52/3 AQUB9720 440 220
  42x55 AQUB9725   230
  40x53 AQUB9715 440 215
SuperVee 27 Brushless 40x52/3 AQUB9720 440/3 220
  42x55 AQUB9725   230
  40x53 AQUB9715 440 215
SuperVee 27 Nitro 40x52/3 AQUB9720 440/3 220
  42x55 AQUB9725   230
UL-1 Superior L40x57/3 AQUB9760    

Bold part number denotes propeller with handling characteristics similar to those of the stock prop.

AQUB9785 and AQUB9787 are for all 23cc-30cc gas powered boats.

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