AquaCraft Models

Get in the race!

With its brushless motor and 3S LiPo compatibility, the GP-1 Ultra is a straight-up performance and size match for the Minimono in speed and handling. But when it comes to style, the GP-1 stands alone. It's a true three-point hydro, designed to skim over the water at outrageous speeds. And you'll be enjoying them fast, too; the GP-1 arrives assembled and factory-finished, ensuring that you'll be out on the water in no time!

Stock Numbers: AQUB1819
Hull length: 16.4 in (416 mm)
Beam: 8.8 in (223 mm)
Weight: 14.4 oz (408 g)
Requires: 11.1V 1000mAh LiPo battery & (4) "AA" batteries