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GrimRacer Accessories

GP-1 ULTRA - Brushless Mini Hydroplane

Get in the race™

As the first AquaCraft mini hydroplane model that's both brushless AND LiPo-ready, the GP-1 Ultra one-ups the compact racing boat competition! You'll enjoy super-fast speeds and responsive handling, on lakes and ponds of all sizes. Power is provided by a water-cooled 6-pole inrunner brushless marine motor; the RTR's Tactic SLT radio offers confident control. A unique "break-away" rudder system swings back upon underwater impact to prevent hull damage. The GP-1 Ultra comes factory-finished, so you can be out on the water in no time, with your choice of ready-to-run (RTR) and Receiver-Ready (Rx-R™) versions.

  • Performance-engineered hull
  • 2200kV inrunner brushless motor with watering cooling jacket
  • Water-cooled 30A brushless ESC

[ Click here for a review by RCGroups ]

Tactic - Pure Reliable 2.4

TTX240 2.4GHz Radio System

  • Worry-free control — no signal interference

SLT - Scure Link Technology

  • Prevents the receiver from recognizing any transmitter signal except yours

Transmitter shown included only with RTR version.


Stock Number:
AQUB1820 — Ready-to-Run (RTR)
AQUB1821 — Receiver-Ready (Rx-R)

Hull length:
16.4 in (416 mm)
Overall length:
18 in (458 mm)
8.8 in (223 mm)
4 in (102 mm)
14.4 oz (408 g)

RTR requires: 11.1V 1000mAh LiPo battery, charger & 4 "AA" batteries
Rx-R also requires:
2-channel radio

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