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UL-1 Superior clocked at 65 mph at the 2008 NAMBA FE SAW trials!

Two of R/C's best-kept speed secrets revealed

The questions...and answers...below!

The questions below pop up on blogs and forums every once in a while. And the funny thing is that while the questions are pretty straightforward, almost no one knows the answers. The questions: 1) What's the fastest ready-to-run electric hydro out there? and; 2) how fast does it go?

We'll give you the answer to the second question: it's "65 miles per hour." And if that doesn't give you the answer to the first question, maybe these hints will help:

  1. The mark was set by a production boat, using the same brushless motor/ESC combo provided with the product;
  2. It was set using LiPo packs;
  3. The speed was clocked at a NAMBA-sanctioned event in California;
  4. The mark was set in 2008, the same year the boat was introduced; and
  5. The driver's nickname is "Snowman."

Give up? The answer is: the AquaCraft UL-1 Superior Hydroplane. Team Futaba member Brian "Snowman" Buaas set the mark in 2008, at the NAMBA FE SAW (Fast Electric Straightaway) Trials held at Legg Lake, California. Brian, a long-time FE enthusiast, has made it into the NAMBA record books no fewer than nine times over the past years. And while the 65 mph UL-1 run isn't an "official" record, Brian has to feel good knowing that he set it using a motor that he had helped design just for the UL-1.

He was competing with a production version that had been shipped directly from the company. On his first pass, Brian pushed the UL-1 to 59 mph, as shown in this short video clip:

Despite that, Brian was convinced the UL-1 had more to offer. And he was right. After tweaking the factory setup and changing the prop, Brian turned in the 65 mph pass on his next run and followed it with a 64 mph pass during the same section.

Unfortunately, there's no video of Brian's record-setting 65 mph run...but you can find out more about the boat that set it at the UL-1 Superior page

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