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GrimRacer Accessories


Parts Listing for the Rio™ 51Z

 Stock Number  Product Description Photo
 AQUB6207Cowl Blue Rio 51
 AQUB6208Cowl Yellow Rio 51
 AQUB6209Cowl Red Rio 51
 AQUB6323Decal Sheet Rio 51
 AQUB6420Cable Oiler Collar Rio 51
 AQUB6507Engine Drive Pulley Zenoah 260PUM Rio 51Z
 AQUB6598Isolated Vibration Engine Mount Rio 51Z
 AQUB6905Fuel Tank With Cap Rio 51
 AQUB6906Oil Tank With Cap Rio 51
 AQUB6907Oil Line Clip Rio 51
 AQUB7200Kill Switch Servo Horn
 AQUB7201Gas Engine Kill Switch Rio 51Z
 AQUB7767Prop Nut Rio 51
 AQUB78741/4" Flex Cable Rio 51Z
 AQUB7893Engine Cable Coupler 1/4" Rio
 AQUB8608Radio Box Rio 51
 AQUB8609Radio Box Spring Wire Rio 51
 AQUB8715Rudder Linkage Rio 51
 AQUB8716Rudder Throttle Ball Stud Rio 51
 AQUB8717Rudder Blade Rio 51
 AQUB8718Rudder Hinge Pin Rio 51
 AQUB8719Rudder Bracket Rio 51
 AQUB8720Rudder Arm Rio 51
 AQUB8721Rudder Transom Bracket Rio 51
 AQUB8722Rudder Mount Bolts Nuts Rio 51
 AQUB8804Strut Thrust Washers Rio 51
 AQUB8806Strut Housing Rio 51
 AQUB8807Inner Strut Assembly Rio 51
 AQUB8809Strut Mounting Brackets Rio 51
 AQUB8851Switch Mount Plate Rio 51
 AQUB9002Throttle Cable Mount Rio 51Z
 AQUB9003Throttle Cable Rio 51Z
 AQUB9026Tow Hook Large
 AQUB9250Water Pick Up Assembly Rio 51
 AQUB9251Water Pick Up Tube Rio 51
 AQUB9252Water Pick Up Bracket Rio 51
 AQUB9270Tank Bungee Cord Rio 51
 AQUB9275Transom Hardware Mounting Plates Rio 51
 AQUB9524Drive Dog 1/4" Rio 51
 AQUB9526Turn Fin Transom Large Rio 51
 AQUB9527Turn Fin Mounting Bracket Rio 51
 AQUB9528Trim Plate SS Large Rio 51
 AQUB9785GrimRacer 65x100 2-Blade Metal Propeller

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