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GrimRacer Boat Fuel

Premium racing fuel at sport fuel prices!

Taking the podium in top-level marine nitro racing means everything has to be right—and that means using GrimRacer boat fuel. It begins with top-quality ingredients and advanced blending techniques to ensure that you get consistently top performance without having to retune after every race.

And if you're not a racer? No problem; GrimRacer boat fuel is great for sport, too.

  • Developed for racing by a nationally known boat racing champion.
  • Blended for consistently high performance and consistent needle settings from bottle to bottle.
  • Includes an oil package formulated and race tested specifically for nitro-powered marine racing.
  • Features a 23% oil content and 100% synthetic, low-viscosity oils—contains no castor oil or additives.
  • Won't stain painted or clear-coated hulls.

Available in 30% and 50% nitro blends!

Stock Number Description Size
AQUP2230 30% Quart
AQUP2250 50% Quart
AQUP2530 30% Gallon
AQUP2550 50% Gallon
AQUP2531 30% 4 Gallons
AQUP2551 50% 4 Gallons