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Cooling Jackets

AQUB9548 28mm CNC Water Cooling Jacket

This machined aluminum jacket is designed to circulate cooling water around a marine motor. The interior diameter is 1.1 in (28mm) and the model includes inlet and outlet tubes for cooling water.

28mm CNC Water Cooling Jacket

AQUB9518 36mm One-Piece Aluminum Water Cooling Jacket

Fit this jacket around motors of up to 1.4 in (36mm) in diameter to provide powerful cooling. Includes inlet and outlet fittings to circulate cooling water.

36mm CNC Water Cooling Jacket

Running Hardware

AQUB9541 Carbon Fiber Trim Plate Set 25-35"

Fully assembled with CNC mounting plates and stainless steel mounting hardware, these Trim Plates are the perfect replacements for worn out pieces on the Revolt 30 FE Mono.

CF Trim Plate Set 25-35" (includes 2 trim plate sets)

AQUB9542 GrimRacer Rudder Assembly

You won’t get very far on the water without a good rudder. Fortunately, AquaCraft has the best. This GrimRacer Rudder Assembly features a water pickup built into the CNC Double Bevel Rudder Blade to circulate cooling water and keep running temperatures down. Bronze bushings in the pivot pin help prevent wear. The CNC rudder control arm is precise and reliable, and a “break-away” brass bolt protects the assembly and transom from being damaged in the event of an accident. The rudder mount is also CNC machined.

Rudder Assembly 25-35" (complete)

AQUB9543 Strut Assembly 25-35"

The Mono Strut Assembly houses and supports the drive system, including the prop. The GrimRacer assembly is CNC machined with a double bevel leading edge and CNC aluminum 70mm mounting bracket. It’s fully adjustable for depth and drive angle for easy set-up changes to mono hulls, and it fits most common stuffing tubes.

Strut Assembly 25-35"

AQUB9544 Turn Fin assembly 25-35" (1 set, takes 2 per boat)

To help keep your boat stable and prevent it from spinning out during a turn, the GrimRacer Mono Turn Fin Set features full tilt adjustability, plus up and down. A double bevel, sharpened leading edge makes for higher efficiency, and CNC machined construction adds durability. The universal design allows them to be mounted on either side of the transom, and they fit mono hulls 25" to 35" in length.

Turn Fin assembly 25-35" (1 set, takes 2 per boat)

AQUB8759 Rudder Bracket 25-35" Hydro-Catamaran

Replacing the rudder bracket on your catamaran has never been easier than with this all aluminum replacement set from AquaCraft.

Rudder Bracket 25-35" Hydro/Catamaran

AQUB8812 Strut Mounting Brackets Hydro/Cat

Aluminum brackets that fit AQUB9543 for use with Hydroplanes and Catamarans.

Strut Mounting Bracket 25-35" Hydro/Catamaran

AQUB9545 Motor Coupler 5mm Shaft To .150" Cable

Motor Couplers secure the drive cable to the motor, preventing the cable from slipping or coming loose. The GrimRacer Motor Coupler uses hardened steel that pinches the cable and secures it with a no-slip locking chuck design. The coupler features a rust-resistant coating, and fits all 5 mm shaft brushless motors and boats with .150" drive cables, including the Revolt 30, Motley Crew and others.

Motor Coupler 5mm Shaft To .150" Cable

AQUB8753 Rudder Blade 25-35" hulls

Losing a rudder blade can leave you dead in the water, but this replacement blade comes with everything you need to get your boat back up to speed. It’s perfect for most AquaCraft boats between 25 and 35 inches in length.

Rudder Blade 25-35" Hulls

AQUB8754 Rudder Bracket 25-35" hulls

A whole world of damage can be done to a boat’s control systems in seconds after an underwater strike. Fortunately, AquaCraft has you covered. This replacement rudder bracket will have you patched up and on the waves again in no time.

Rudder Bracket 25-35" Hulls

AQUB8757 Rudder Back Plate Mount 25-35" hulls

Replace damaged or lost Back Plate Mounts for you rudder with this all-metal kit which includes the mount, two hex socket screws, two locknuts, and two washers.

Rudder Back Plate Mount 2535

AQUB8755 Rudder Blade Mount 25-35" hulls

Made from metal, and with hinge pin and setscrew included, this Rudder Blade Mount has everything you need to fix damage to this part of the rudder after loss or damage.

Rudder Blade Mount 25-35" Hulls

AQUB8756 Rudder Control Arm 25-35" hulls

With this all-metal construction Rudder Control Arm you can replace damaged components of your boat.

Rudder Control Arm 25-35" Hulls

AQUB8808 Strut 25-35" Hulls

An aluminum replacement strut for AQUB9543.

Strut 25-35" Hulls

AQUB8811 Strut Back Plate Mount 2535 Mono

A metal replacement strut back plate mount for AQUB9543. Includes (1) strut back plate mount, (2) hex socket screws, (2) locknuts and (2) washers.

Strut Back Plate Mount 2535

AQUB8810 L/R Strut Mounting Brackets 2535 Mono

Aluminum replacement strut mounting brackets for AQUB9543.

Strut Mounting Brackets 25-35" Left/Right

AQUB9547 .187" Drive Dog

Fits most all 3/16” prop shafts. Features metal construction. Includes set screw.

.187" Drive Dog

AQUB8003 .187" Prop Shaft Brass Bushing

Features brass construction. Measures 5.9” (150 mm) long with 0.187” inner diameter. Can be installed over 3/16” prop shafts.

AQUB7759 M4 Prop Nut Stainless Steel

Made of stainless steel with a nylon insert.

.187" Prop Shaft Brass Bushing


AQUB9520 Transom Water Pickup Assembly

Mounts to transom of hull to provide water pickup. All necessary hardware, including water tube, 3 brackets, 2 mounting screws.

Transom Water Pick up Assembly
AQUB9519 Aluminum Water Cooling Outlet

Features aluminum construction, drilled to allow water passage. Threaded, and includes nut for securing to hull.

Aluminum Water Cooling Outlet
AQUB9045 Mini Transom Water Pickup Assembly

Specifically for mini boats, and mounts on transom of hull. Includes a black nylon bracket and 1 installation screw.

Mini Transom wate Pick Up Assembly
AQUB6904 Water Tubing Line Blue 3'

Pliable blue water tubing for quickly identifying water cooling lines for the SuperVee 27 Nitro. Not for use with gasoline or glow fuels.

Water Tubing Line Blue 3'
AQUB7869 .150" Cable Liner 10"

The ideal replacement for worn or damaged cable liners. Can be installed on the UL-1 Superior.

.150" Cable Liner 10"
AQUB7901 Nylon Breakaway Rudder Bolts & Nuts

Includes (2) 3x10mm white nylon bolts, (2) 3x10 steel nuts.

Nylon Break-Away Rudder Bolts & Nuts
AQUB9540 Water Cooling Jacket 36mm Diameter

AQUB9540 Water Jacket Installation Procedure (PDF, 349 KB)

Water Cooling Jacket 36mm Diameter
AQUB9575 GrimRacer Precision Prop Balancer

Prop balancing is critical for maximizing a boat's performance, as well as minimizing damage to electronics and parts. A precise bubble level is built into the one-piece extruded aluminum base. Three thumb screws provide perfect level adjustment. Comes with balancing shafts for 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" bore prop hubs.

Propeller not included.

GrimRacer Precision Prop Balancer

AQUB9550 GrimRacer Cable Oil 50WT 32oz

Specially formulated for marine auto-oil drive systems. Comes in a 32 oz. easy-pour container with resealable cap.

Cable Oil

AQUB9530 GrimRacer Starting Belt 15”
AQUB9531 GrimRacer Starting Belt 17”
AQUB9532 GrimRacer Starting Belt 19”

Racers know that starting belts are the absolute best way to start up a boat — and we’ve got them! Belts are tapered to easily fit on engine flywheels, and fiber reinforced for durability. A single wedge cog design provides a more secure grip. Available in 15”, 17” and 19” lengths, for use on .12- to .91-size engines.

Starting Belts Starting Belts

AQUB9517 GrimRacer Silicone Jacket 36/45

Advanced tooling and technology make this lightweight, water-cooled silicone jacket a must for all Fast Electric boats. It directs water along the can surface of your 36-45mm diameter motor for extremely efficient heat removal. Two PVC tubes are included for connecting to your water cooling line.

GrimRacer Silicon Jacket 36/45

AQUB9515 GrimRacer 18 Hydro Turn Fin-Polished
AQUB9516 GrimRacer 18 Hydro Turn Fin-Blue

These lightweight aluminum, adjustable turn fins improve the straightaway and left/right handling of .12 - .18 powered hydroplanes. Each comes with mounting bracket and bolts plus instruction manual.

GrimRacer 18 Hydro Turn Fin-Blue

AQUB9513 GrimRacer Cowl Locks (2)

Lightweight, stainless steel GrimRacer Cowl Locks work well on all types of R/C boats. They snap down tight and release easily with just a quick ¼ turn. Includes 2 complete sets per package with mounting brackets.

GrimRacer Cowl Locks

AQUB9514 GrimRacer Pro Radio Box Tape

Ideal for sealing radio box lids and hull hatches, this clear 3M electrical tape resists fuel, water, oil, and nitro fuel. Each roll contains 72 yards of tape...enough to last an entire racing season! Watch the video.

GrimRacer Pro Radio Box Tape

AQUB9500 GrimRacer Speed Grease Cable Lube

Designed for both electric and nitro boats, this waterproof blue lubricant — with specially formulated, “non sling” properties” — reduces friction and wear on flex cable and direct drive systems. Watch the video.

GrimRacer Speed Grease Cable Lube

AQUB9503 GrimRacer Radio Box Seal Boot (2)

GrimRacer’s rubber seals have plastic reinforcement mounting supports and boots that stay supple and flexible over time. They fit 2mm to 4-40 size linkage wire.

GrimRacer Radio Box Seal Boot

AQUB9506 GrimRacer Hull Rubber Drain Plug

Water inevitably gets inside any boat’s hull, usually through the hatch or cowl. You usually have no alternative but to dump it out through the hatch opening. Mount GrimRacer’s Rubber Drain Plug onto your transom and you’ll be able to drain water easily without opening the hatch. With its convenient “T” handle, the plug can stay on the hull and not be lost in your pit box.

GrimRacer Hull Rubber Drain Plug

AQUB9501 GrimRacer Slide Cowl Lock (2)

Perfect for all hull styles, injection-molded Slide Cowl Locks install easily and feature a durable slide bolt locking mechanism. They're included as standard equipment on the U-18 Miss Vegas Nitro RTR Hydroplane.

GrimRacer Slide Cowl Lock

AQUB9502 GrimRacer Waterproof Switch Boot

This switch cover includes an on/off plate with silicon switch boot cover. It fits nearly all standard on/off radio switch assemblies.

GrimRacer Waterproof Switch Boot

AQUB9504 GrimRacer Receiver Balloon (2)

Protect your receiver from moisture with GrimRacer’s elastic Receiver Balloon. One size fits all receivers. Two per package.

GrimRacer Receiver Balloon

AQUB9505 GrimRacer Antenna/Cable Seal Boot (2)

Make your radio box water-tight — plug the exits for your antenna and throttle cable by fitting these rubber seals around their tubes. Flanged boots insert into the side or top of the radio box, with plenty of surface area to seal securely.

GrimRacer Antenna/Cable Seal Boot

AQUB9509 GrimRacer Radio Box Foam

Cushion and protect your vital on-board radio gear by placing this foam around the receiver and receiver battery in your radio box.

GrimRacer Radio Box Foam

AQUB9213 Header Cooling Coil SV27 Nitro

An aluminum coil that wraps around the exhaust header to provide water cooling. Can be installed on the SuperVee 27 Nitro.

Header Cooling Coil

AQUB9522 FE Mono Port Turn Fin

A subsurface strike is hard to avoid and can be highly damaging. Fortunately, should the worst occur, AquaCraft has you covered. With this Port Turn Fin you can get the steering system on your SuperVee repaired and be back on the water in no time!

FE MONO Port Turn Fin

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